I was breathing deeply. I was gazing at golden leaf piles. I was spooning warm stew. I was creating a masterpiece of September muses and then, as quick as the chill in the air after equinox annexation, I was drowning. I felt the burden of breathing grow heavier than my will to exist. My shoulders… Continue reading Seasonal


My Expertise

Because creativity and storytelling are not scientific or mathematic or measurable or algorithmic- they are warm soup and wool socks for the soul- they are invisible to the big-wigs and CEOs. They can't grasp commodify, predict or control this kind of brilliance. It's individual. It's yours and it's mine. Everyone has their own perspective, voice,… Continue reading My Expertise

Imaginary Conversations I Have In The Shower

I admire your effortless ability to not concern yourself with things that don’t personally affect you and to things that are anything less than validating to your stone solid beliefs. How does one have such high and mighty steel barriers and a lackadaisical disposition? The pure perplexity of this question draws out my envy and… Continue reading Imaginary Conversations I Have In The Shower

High Functioning

To those who envy the people who are allowed to go off the deep end and then recover. To those who are aware that they just can’t. Life doesn’t stop. The clock is ticking. Some have a ticket and some don’t. To those that know they’re holding everything together and it’s not even for themselves.… Continue reading High Functioning

Escape Does Not Heal

Uncomfortable. Out of place. It doesn't feel right yet, because I'm always chasing satisfaction like it's going to turn up in a rearing “Aha!” moment. I grew up inhaling film tropes and memorizing fictional stories like they were the homework I always neglected. I didn’t just consume them, I believed in them. I was going… Continue reading Escape Does Not Heal

Make The Decision To End The Cycle

Sometimes I contemplate how further along womankind would be if we didn't place everyone else on a pedestal before ourselves like men do. Men prioritize and pedastalize themselves. They would never give up their hopes and dreams to appease others. They go out and get what they want and everything else in their lives must… Continue reading Make The Decision To End The Cycle