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Despite, Not Because

They tell me I’m strong. It’s true. How familiar, the sound of misunderstanding behind the word “strong” coupled with good intentions. I say nothing or “thank you.” It’s widely believed that trauma makes victims more resilient. Trauma doesn’t make victims more…

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Financial Aid

Being Sued For Defamation After Sexual Assault By Soledad Maristany

This month’s story hits a little too close to home. Soledad Maristany created a GoFundMe on behalf of her friend, Nina, a musician who was assaulted in January of 2020. In October of this year, she courageously posted her truth on ‘Not In Our Scene‘, which is a safe platform for sexual assault survivors in the music and art communities. The perpetrator has since been fired by his employer and his band was dropped from their…

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so that one day
a hundred years from now
another sister will not have to
dry her tears wondering
where in history
she lost her voice.

-Jasmine Kaur

Re-Writing My Future: Thoughts From A Recently Diagnosed Musician By Amanda Roswick

Initially, I responded to my EDS and Pots Diagnoses with relief. Many blood tests had come back normal, so I felt validated when something was actually wrong. Today, though, I hit a huge wall of realization that, although it doesn’t mean my life will be cut short, it will impact my quality of life and the music… Continue reading Re-Writing My Future: Thoughts From A Recently Diagnosed Musician By Amanda Roswick



I love to share my platform! I’m currently seeking artists, writers, musicians, business owners, creatives etc. to feature on Eternal Metamorphosis. If you are a survivor or member of a marginalized community and you’d like to submit your art to be featured, contact me!

New Music

On July 17th, Julie Koenig debuted her long anticipated first studio album, Renaissance Woman. The work is captivatingly bold and passionate with the perfect blend of both vulnerable and excitable moments. My favorite song on the album, Little Moth, follows the devastating account of a small creature who is drawn into an alluring yet perilous glow. In a recent Facebook post about the release of this single, Julie reveals, “It’s written from the perspective of a woman who has recently left an abusive relationship, and is watching another woman take her place.” Stream Little Moth through the Spotify link above and you can listen to Julie’s full album here.

Support Local Artists

Attention lovers of Poetry!!
Skeleton Trees is one of the most powerful collections of poetry I’ve ever read. TJ articulates the vulnerability of longing and the constant heartbreak that comes with emotional abuse. Her authenticity shines through the rawness of her emotions. I’m especially grateful to the author because during one of my darkest times, her words inspired me to write about my own traumatic experiences. As cliché as it may sound, I remember I read it all in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down. Do yourself a favor and check it out on Amazon!

More From Me 🙂

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The highly anticipated comeback of Adele’s majestic voice and poetic lyrics were all we needed to complete Sad Girl Fall! Easy on Me illustrates the reflection of a young love, regret, and the grueling lessons learned while working hard to save something that was once worth fighting for. I can not wait until her full album, 30, comes out this November. Check out the video below.

Eternal Book Club

YES! I read it. And you should too! I’m not going to lie, the provocative title, as well as the fact that France tried to ban it entirely, is what drew me in. In all seriousness, Harmange makes several excellent points about resisting the patriarchy. My favorite part of it all was that, regardless of the title, this short novel centers around self love. Check it out! I’m curious to know your take ❤


Laura Fox really hit the nail on the head with this piece. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Give it a read, and check out the rest of her work on Medium.




Mental Health

Identifying a Gaslighter

Gaslighting is the act of manipulation using psychological efforts to make a person question their own sanity and reality. The behavior ranges from toxic communication to severe emotional abuse, depending on how frequent it is. It is a tactic used by abusers, control freaks AND ordinary people. Understandably, most… Continue reading Identifying a Gaslighter

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