Fundraiser By Kae Hardin

Kae Hardin is a black, nonbinary trans survivor of domestic violence from Portland, Oregon. After escaping an abusive relationship, it has been a difficult adjustment for her to live independently, as it usually is for survivors. To make matters worse, she was recently let go from her job.

Since becoming unemployed she’s had to face several unexpected financial burdens. Last month, her beloved cat became sick. Around the same time she, unfortunately, became the victim of a robbery.

Considering the money she’s had to spend in the past month without income to replace her savings, Kae is struggling to make ends meet. While she is seeking a new job, she created this fundraiser on August 19th to help her cover rent, utilities, food, and pet expenses. Of the initial $2000 goal she set she has so far not even generated half. We can get her there!

To read more about Kae and donate to her cause, click the link to her GoFundMe below. If unable to donate, please share her story on social media.

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