Safe Space for Kenyana R

TW: sexual assault, suicide

Over the past several years, Kenyana R has been working to recover from the trauma she endured while she was in an abusive relationship. She initially moved to New York City to escape from said relationship. However, since moving there, she has suffered more unrelenting trauma and abuse.

In August of 2020, one of the roommates from her first NYC apartment sexually assaulted her. This event forced her to have to move out on her own. This was far from easy for Kenyana to do at the time because she was simultaneously recovering from compounded psychological trauma.

Victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse are at a higher risk of being assaulted again in the future.

All the while, she had to work two jobs to cover rent, which was exhausting for her to keep up with. The stress quickly built up and soon became too much for her to handle.

In February of this year, Kenyana attempted to take her life. She fortunately received the medical care she needed. In order to give herself the necessary time to recuperate, she had to quit one of her jobs.

About a month later, Kenyana was sexually assaulted again. This time, the perpetrator was one of her close friends. Because of her relationship to this person, she is afraid to press charges. She does not feel safe because he knows exactly where she lives.

Kenyana has done nothing but try to heal and move on, but her harrowing circumstances made this process nearly impossible. Her story seems unbelievable, but revictimization is tragically common. Victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse are at a higher risk of being assaulted again in the future.

Kenyana initially created this fundraiser to help raise enough money to move out from her unsafe living situation. It has been a struggle for her to keep a steady job due to medical issues related to the many traumas she suffered.

She felt she had to turn to the Internet because she doesn’t have a lot of support outside from her online following. Click the button below to read more of Kenyana’s story and donate any amount you are able. If you are unable to donate at this time, please share her story.


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