Calm and Center

I live in a speck of a town
on the edge of a state so vast
I often forget we are
I'm not quite the big fish I expected I'd be
as I gawk between walls of stone masterpiece
trickling with wide-
not small-
not ponds-
or gaze at the living room window view
of the farmer's field
that opens wide
as my eyelids close, slow,
because I've got it memorized
like a painting
I leap into the spirited winds.
The mighty mountains fly my soul like a kite
up, up, and away
to be one with the crystal sky.
My heart bursts into the cauliflower cumulus clouds
at peace.

In the arms of my love
we don't have to speak
or think.
We breathe.
We feel the rhythm of our respire.
Harmonious hums of our
Heartbeat drums
when my ear is pressed
against his warm chest.
He is alive.
He is near.
He is mine
and I am safe
at peace.

When I cry
I grasp for his hands
to hold
as he ha-ha's and tickles
the pain away.
Through tears, a joyous grin
reluctantly wrinkles across my face.
Red cheek rain drop giggles
into his sturdy shoulder
at peace.

I invent nuance and beauty
with the brilliant bristles of my baton.
Creating colors
that I control
and desire
whirling to my every whim
or weighing
on ivory silk
bringing an idea to life
and making it dance.
Through another tool,
my magic wand,
a racing mind becomes
free-flowing thoughts
that skate out onto paper.
Drip-drop raven ink starts to pour from me
and pumps vigor into a new body.
Something that can be seen,
I give birth with one hand
and sip coffee with another
at peace.

Once a year
I fly to the snow capped northeast
because I dream of white dusted rooftops
and birch branches
and sparkling trails of footprints
followed up to the covered brick steps
and apple pie whiff of a "welcome home"
warm hug
from a saint of a mother
and sweet soldier of a father
surrounded by swirled snickerings from sisters.
The towering trees are everywhere my eye can find,
as everpresent
as the familiar love of old friends
lingering in city streets
I used to sleep on.
I've arrived
at peace.

A creation,
an emotion,
a connection,

a deep breath,
a warm touch,
a keen flash.

All of it,
All of it,
All of it,

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