Calm and Center

I live in a speck of a town on the edge of a state so vast I often forget we are minuscule. I'm not quite the big fish I expected I'd be as I gawk between walls of stone masterpiece trickling with wide- not small- rivers- not ponds- or gaze at the living room window… Continue reading Calm and Center


New York, New York

It's been two yearssince I've gazed upon yourmiraculous metropolis aura.A pandemic-a lifetime-between us.I often wonderare you different?A silly question becauseof course you are.of course-I hope that you're differentas inhappier,shinier,brighter. Sometimes I ignore the factthat I know the opposite is true.I imagine youdingeydarkand deep as ever.The last time we were together,it was I who was suffering.I… Continue reading New York, New York