My Expertise

Because creativity and storytelling are not 
or mathematic
or measurable
or algorithmic-
they are warm soup and 
wool socks 
for the soul-
they are invisible to the big-wigs and CEOs.

They can't grasp
predict or
this kind of brilliance.

It's individual. 
It's yours
and it's mine.
Everyone has their own 
and narrative.
When we share them, we all learn. 

It's true that we also learn from 
and lists 
and facts 
and figures. 
many, many, many, 
more, more, more, 
than these neat little boxes. 

Many don't judge 
or stick their noses up in the air 
at artists who dared not to follow in the footsteps 
of the elitists and academics. 
Many don't gawk at trivial grammatical errors. 

Many crave the deep dissection 
and endless excavations into another person's soul .
Many gush over the gruesome, gritty, awkward, 
and authentic.
I write for them as much as I write for me.

The voices of the elite experts echo everywhere. 
They are allowed in the places
and take up the spaces 
with a flash of their golden badges of expertise. 

But there must be a place for the ponderers 
and playful picture painters. 
The empaths and the eccentrics. 
The healers and the feelers. 

These are the creators that feed us, but they're hardly paid enough to feed themselves. 

These are humans who have lived just as much life 
as the experts. 
The humans who are 
in their own experiences. 
The humans who shouldn't need a golden badge 
in order for their stories to be taken seriously. 

I am not an expert according to who? 
According to you? 
Not according to me. 
Not according to she who started her journey 
a year, 
a month, 
a day, 
later than me. 

I have something(s) to offer the world.
There is a group of readers
and dreamers,
and lovers,
and disrupters
who are meant to find my work.

There is no expertise like mine. 
It can't be recreated. 

Maybe the rules 
and the lists 
and equations can be copied 
and sold.

It's the corporation's easy way out and greedy way up. 

Easy for them to forget 
humble beginnings 
and greedy for them to lose sight 
of their own audiences.

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