Smile, Laughter, Joy

The ecstasy that the dreamers
trade their lives for,
pay hundreds for,
search the world and back for,
exists purely in the moment
your lips reveal
crystal whites
your eyes grow wide 
and look to mine
just to see that I'm laughing.

It's one hell of a drug
sprinkled into countless wordless moments
that speak volumes.

that calm my harrowing inner hurricanes. 

I roll my body over to rest 
on your warm chest
and nuzzle into the crest
of your neck 
as your arms open
like the grand golden gate of glee. 

This precious comfort is a 
euphoric numbness
that I should be overrun with fear of losing, 
and I would be,
if it were possible to feel anything but 
in the moments we touch.
It's trust.

Being apart
reminds me of the threat
of a life without you
but its unfathomable
like fiction.

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