No Thank You List

No thank you self-sabatoge No thank you self-victimization No thank you self-doubt No thank you mental anguish and gymnastics No thank you analysis paralysis No thank you temper tantrum tears when I don't get my way No thank you shutting myself in and wondering why I feel lonely No thank you impossible expectations and moving… Continue reading No Thank You List

My Mind Is a Distraction Machine

Distraction. The villain. I'm in a constant state of fending it off. And sometimes -  most times -  I give up. I give in and let it take over my body. Even now, after I ordered myself to sit down and finish my article because I have time to write. The time is now. I may not… Continue reading My Mind Is a Distraction Machine

What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

I close my eyes and drift away to a safe place. a secure space where authenticity flowers and flourishes while Shame, insecurity, and performance are thin on the ground. I am beautiful. Natural and naked, I skip in the grass and I sore through the clouds and I soak up the sunshine. I don't worry… Continue reading What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

Just Another Day

I’m thinking of today. Of what it should or could be. Call me ungrateful, but what it is is disappointing. Women are celebrating and wishing each other a happy day. They are taking pictures creating art, sharing with us. They are advocating writing working educating spreading awareness reading the words of other brilliant women talking… Continue reading Just Another Day

It Means Equality

Listen to women.  Believe women. It doesn't mean blindly it means a man's words are equal to  a woman's words. It means  consider  her health her wellbeing as much as you  consider  his reputation his hard work. Consider  her strength her struggle to stand  her shaken speech her "I can do this "  "My voice… Continue reading It Means Equality

Synastry: The Loving

His love isLike indigo evening air withgalvanic veins of lightning.Like the eye of the hurricaneguarding you fromturbulent gusts thatcircle around.Like the liberator of your soulfinding a safe home for itin his heart.Questioningeverything internally,in files,in drawers,inside,until he can iron them outto articulate themperfectly,just for you.A quizzical charismathat captures many,but trusts fewbecause he’s cultivated safety in solitude.Still,… Continue reading Synastry: The Loving

Synastry: The Learning

His heart is like an archer aiming precisely and hitting the bullseye because he must every time. Like a flickering flame growing intense, then shrinking soft. Like a scandalous joke he made speaking freely to the crowd meant only for you to understand. He magnifies the energy of the masses and ignites the world around… Continue reading Synastry: The Learning

Synastry: The Understanding

His soul is Like a most gentle sluice of lucid brook water to soothe your wounds. Like the dewy rain drops that dribble into your arid throat like revival. Like the curious bluebird, forever remaining on the fence as he chirps his carefree melody. Then he stops to listen readily and share minimally. A jolly… Continue reading Synastry: The Understanding

Synastry: The Meeting

He appearslike a euphoric ultramarine ocean wavecome to awaken your cynical soul. Like lustrous sapphire river rapids in dreamy eyes. Like sheer understanding as they lock with yours. Working up a summer sweat for the attention of whoever happens to be the luckiest person in the room, His blithesome nature blinds him to the fact that you’re fidgeting with impatience craving the shower of his affection.An infectious… Continue reading Synastry: The Meeting