Listen, Their Stories Can Save Us

I don't care
if you think "that's rare"
A personal story
is not just a statistic
it is proof
of the possibility.

It happened to a human
and it can happen to another human.

To disregard a story
is to disrespect the life of the storyteller.
We tell stories
to teach
and learn
and feel.

Our society
teaches us
to control, repress and silence
ourselves and others.
We are silencers who exist silently,
creating a silence so deafening,
our ears are not receptive
to those who refuse to be silenced.
We shame the non-silent noisemakers
and we shame ourselves for even thinking of making noise

Our society
will never learn
from our mistakes
because we repeatedly make the mistake
of thinking that we never made mistakes.
Since these mistakes
never hurt the powerful mistake-makers
they will continue to be mistaken
at the cost of human lives.

Our society
cherry-picks what and who is worth feeling for.
We do not feel equally
for all humans,
we choose the most beneficial feelings to feel
and then leverage them
against others who feel differently.

I pity the human
who's heart- so frigid-
and vision -so tunneled-
that the sacred power of story-telling
can not touch them
or move them

But moreso
I pity the society
that is full of these humans
because they will be the ones to
cause it's crumble.

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