Eclipse Season Affirmations

Let it go,
Let it happen.

Keep it moving.
Keep your focus
on the purpose,
on the passion.

Step toward change.
Step into your power.
It's time for more evolution.
It's time for another metamorphosis.

Own this lunar eclipse season.
Own this taurus scorpio energy.

For two years, release 
expectations and 
For two years, surrender to
unknowns and 

With expansion comes overwhelm.
With magnification comes overload.
You observe it all
You feel it all.
You,Your family, society, the world.

Collective coinciousness of mistakes from the past.
Collective reflection; bring it all to light.

Leave judgement behind.
Leave cynism behind,
lest the negative be expanded,
lest the detriment be magnified.

Demonstrate patience. 
Demonstrate compassion,
of self and
of others.
Inspire them to open,
Inspire them to accept.

What has shaped you?
What has rebirthed you?

You are complex.
You are unashamed.
You are whole.
Value your wisdom.
Value your talents.

Believe that you can conquer this change.
Believe that endings bring new beginnings
Have faith that mystery is meant to be
Have faith in the universe.
Awareness prioritized,
Action secondary, now.
Be slow.
Be present.

Let it go,
Let it happen.

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