Fall in Love with Yourself: A Letter to Me at 22

Dear 22-year-old Alex, I know you don't think so, but there are so many reasons to love you that have nothing to do with your mile-long legs or the sparkle of your eager eyes. Your endless enthusiasm combined with your head-turning audacity are what make you special. I envy the boundless energy you possess at… Continue reading Fall in Love with Yourself: A Letter to Me at 22

Eternal Gratitude-Mom

When my sisters and I were younger, every year on Mother’s Day we used to wake up early so we could draw pictures with crayons on construction paper for my mom. Our Dad would help us to make eggs benny and coffee and we'd bring it to her in bed. We were so excited to… Continue reading Eternal Gratitude-Mom

I Wish

I wish women would stick together all the time.I wish it were that simple.It’s not.They don’t.Often times they have valid reasons not to.It doesn’t mean it won’t sting me.I understand.People are complex. I wish ego never got in the way.I wish it were that easyto say“I’m sorry.”Often times there’s nothing to be sorry for.It doesn’t… Continue reading I Wish