8 Must-Knows For Women Under The Age of 25

Over the years, as neurologists have found more evidence about the development of the prefrontal cortex, it has been widely debated at what age the brain is considered completely mature. The latest research suggests that our brains don’t completely finish developing until we reach the golden age of twenty-five. This data has created an interesting internet debate that’s… Continue reading 8 Must-Knows For Women Under The Age of 25


It Means Equality

Listen to women.  Believe women. It doesn't mean blindly it means a man's words are equal to  a woman's words. It means  consider  her health her wellbeing as much as you  consider  his reputation his hard work. Consider  her strength her struggle to stand  her shaken speech her "I can do this "  "My voice… Continue reading It Means Equality

Donate To Say It Loud Space (UK)

I'm honored to announce that as of last month, I am an official blogger for Say It Loud Space (UK). My first article was published on their blog this past December. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the organization, Say It Loud is a support group for survivors of sexual violence founded in… Continue reading Donate To Say It Loud Space (UK)

Fall in Love with Yourself: A Letter to Me at 22

Dear 22-year-old Alex, I know you don't think so, but there are so many reasons to love you that have nothing to do with your mile-long legs or the sparkle of your eager eyes. Your endless enthusiasm combined with your head-turning audacity are what make you special. I envy the boundless energy you possess at… Continue reading Fall in Love with Yourself: A Letter to Me at 22