Another Moment

You’re playing piano in an empty coffee shop.
I’m sipping on the perfect cup
And consuming confectionery bliss
With a sparkle of citrus

It’s difficult to chew when
The muscles in my mouth 
Are fixed in the proudest grin.

You are my piano man.
Those magnificent fingers
I hold in my hand daily

And forever in my head.
Gliding back and forth,
As they pound
The keys 
In me.

A moment to capture
Because it feels like I'm in a photograph.
Like deja vu
From a dream I once had,

But it is my reality.

What I've pictured for myself
Seems to be before me,
Which isn't supposed to happen
Because dreams are dreams

And nobody dreams of reality
Because they are dreaming of 
What they wish it was.

I am blessed
With these frequent
Slices of heaven
Reminiscent of my fantasies
But real

Since the first one,
Last October.

This time
In the form of a pastry on my plate
In the empty coffee shop
With the old piano

And you
Showing off again
And me 
Jotting this down
With minimal effort 

Because the moment is poetry.


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