Synastry: The Learning

His heart is  
like an archer aiming precisely and
hitting the bullseye because he must 
every time. 
Like a flickering flame 
growing intense, 
then shrinking soft. 
Like a scandalous joke he made 
speaking freely to the crowd 
meant only for you to understand.
He magnifies the energy of the masses 
and ignites the world around him.
An optimistic skip and twirl through life,
singing in the thrift store as if he's 
alone in the Austrian hills.
A smile larger than life 
before your eyes,
but you're beguiled by the fire in his,
as they're always pointed toward his future 
as he focuses acutely on the never-ending 
To-Do list that sustains his purpose.
You yearn to appear in this vision,
if only you can keep up with his pace.
He's miles away as he remains weightless 
with childlike honesty,
and is careful never to go deep.
Like a magician
with a skilled hand
deviating from his scars
and paper skin.
It's not a trick, despite how whimsical...
it's and avoidance.
He will keep his aggressive passions from bursting out of him
until he finds safety in some faraway land,
or elusive creature,
or escape,
or never.
They are dying to break free
and often slip out, teasing you, who's close enough
to feel the vigorous timpani pounding in his chest.
He says it's nothing
but you hear it
like a secret language 
he's still learning. 

Her heart is
like a mother to all and to 
Like the regal Queen of Karma 
secure in her role
to serve
idiosyncratic justice to each subject
that crosses her path.
Like the Monarch you realized 
you would die for 
once you had a taste of her 
She sets elite standards for her kingdom
according to her philosophy 
She embodies the balance of 
elegant intensity
with the underestimated power 
of her feminine heel step
into the room.
Click clack click clack
to the very rhythm
your heart beats and breaks
for her.
With irresistible elevation
she appears to glide 
in gentle grace
the soft click clack 
now pulsing throughout your body
until her speech,
like a booming lullaby,  
emboldens you 
to build your own castle.
One with nature,
her spirit only appears to be above all
but she is planted in the soil
nurturing the greenery and grubs alike.
She listens to every word you speak
with a raised brow.
She forms an opinion,
tucks it away in her garden,
nods, and tells you that she understands.
On your knees before her, 
you wait with bated breath 
your tongue leaking of anticipation,
into a puddle 
for her validation.
The validation.
She floats down from the illusory throne
to your ground
meeting your widened eyes
with her global gaze of 
ocean and terrain
She will untuck her opinion the moment you're ready to hear
because she can't allow you to pass her by 
without giving you 
the gift of gold;
a nugget of her wisdom
and the warmth of her 
mother-earthen embrace.

A love story inspired by The Zodiaco Collection by feminist poet, Brooke Solis.

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