Make Time To Live

We are all 
constantly thinking about
and how to use it,
or how to get the most from it.

We measure time in productivity
which is incorrect
but it's too late to
change that for the world.

We can possibly change it for ourselves.

I was recently asked
what I think
the best use of 
my time is.

I answered,
"when I
enjoy it,"
Appreciate it.
Romanticize it. 

We are alive.
But for how long?
We don't decide how 
fast or slow
the clock is ticking.

There are certain things
we must do
and they're not always things
that are enjoyable.

Find the people who make the 
most mundane experiences and tasks 
feel like 
pure delight.

Be with them.
But more importantly

be one of those people
for yourself.

Enjoy your own company at least as much as you
enjoy anyone else's, 
if not more.

Make your time
whatever you want it to be.

Know your joys.
They don't have to be grandiose 
or expensive.

Mine are so tiny.
I sprinkle them 
like pixie dust into everything I do.

I have a pink mug with my initial on it,
a smooth magenta blanket on my bed
surrounded by a sea of rosy velvet and fluff.

It makes me feel like a movie star
whenever I simply sip 
coffee from my cozy covers. 

I sip 
and I write
and I look out the window to appreciate the view.

The coffee is just coffee 
or it is the perfect cup of steamy serenity
to invigorate the sleeping spirit within me.
My writing is just my writing
or it is my soul bleeding out of me 
in the brightest crimson and violet dyes on mounted silk canvas.
The view is just a view,
or it is the radient marigold sun and spotless sky
blended with the everlasting meadow

making everything 
that isn't joy
seem miniscule.

Set the scene for yourself 
as if you are the 
main character
because you are.
It's your life.

It's your time
to use.

Define comfort
and bring it to life
in your space.
What does that look like?

Maybe it's order.
alphabetized and
olor coded
tabs in binders,
pointed pencils
all in a line
next to your To-Do List,
signed, dated and checked.

Maybe it's chaos.
Open books, 
wavering pages,
magazine clippings,
strewn across the floor.
Snapshots of friends,
plastered on the walls
where you've carved your initials
and wildest dreams.

Love your environment.

We live in a world that 
requires us to 
work for hours. 

If work does not
bring you joy,
welcome to the club.

Work is not meant to be your life 
or identity.
Do it because it needs to be done,
but do not let it
infiltrate your joy.
Separate it.

Think of work as the thing you do 
before you enjoy your time.

Make life after work seem
because life after work
after all.

Sprinkle your pixie dust.

Think of your arrival home as
your slice of chocolate cheesecake
and glass of wine before bed.

You are coming home to solitude.
A quiet home.
You can do 
and wear nothing
and dance to loud music
and nobody will know.
You can trust that you will always be in great company
when you are by yourself.

you are coming home to the most loyal companion 
who presses his wet nose up against the window
and springs with paws up to your shoulders
because he lives for your return.

you are coming home to your loving partner
who welcomes you with the most tender hug
like the joining of two puzzle pieces
because they missed you
like you didn't wake up together.

you are coming home to your precious creations
who's itty-bitty hands 
grasp up at your coat
to say "look at me!"
And all they know is
joy, joy, joy.

Enjoy with them.
Enjoy them.
Enjoy you. 
Enjoy your joys.
Sprinkle your dust.

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