Being Sued For Defamation After Sexual Assault By Soledad Maristany

This month’s story hits a little too close to home. Soledad Maristany created a GoFundMe on behalf of her friend, Nina, a musician who was assaulted in January of 2020. In October of this year, she courageously posted her truth on ‘Not In Our Scene‘, which is a safe platform for sexual assault survivors in the music and art communities.

The perpetrator has since been fired by his employer and his band was dropped from their label. However, instead of taking accountability for his actions, he decided to file a defamation complaint against Nina claiming over $30k in damages.

Civil litigation is not only an excruciating process, but it is also a sizeable expense. If the case makes it to trial, court fees alone will cost her upwards of $25,000. Not to mention, she is burdened with several other expenses both related and non-related to the assault, such as medical procedures, chiropractic treatments, and therapy.

Nina’s family is unable to financially assist, as they are coping with the recent and unfortunate death of her father. So far, the fundraiser is doing well. She has raised about 40% of her $50,000 goal. That being said, she still needs our help. This process is going to be grueling, so it would be huge if we could at least relieve her financial burden.

Read more of Nina’s story below. If you are unable to donate, please be kind and share her GoFundMe with others.

**If you are a survivor in the art scene, visit Not In Our Scene to read more inspiring stories, or to tell your own.**


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