August Update: Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos


It’s true, last month was hectic. I didn’t realize so much of it (and more) would carry over into the next month! A lot of quick changes have occurred since I last updated the page. Changes both stressful, and ultimately exciting! I’m more of a big picture person so, the way I see it, the overall process is for the better, including the challenges suffered along the way.

I’m no longer living in Northern Colorado. At the tail end of last month, my brilliant boyfriend was offered a teaching job that would take us further north to a small town in Wyoming. Around the same time, my talented sister was offered a teaching job all the way back East! She and her boyfriend packed up and hit the road just last week.

Eric and I took a little more time, but we finally arrived at our new apartment a couple days ago. We took two trips because I just had to bring my mattress! But I’m seriously proud of us. Who knew we could strap a mattress to the top of our car so efficiently, not even the wild winds of Wyoming could whisk it away? Although, they did put up a damn good fight.

Since our send off was so rushed, I feel as if I didn’t have the opportunity to bid Colorado and all of my new friends a proper farewell. After all, it’s actually only been a year since I left New England. I was just beginning to feel settled in! Honestly, we’re not too far away and can always visit. But I wish the goodbyes could’ve been slowed down a little.

I’m not going to sugar coat it; moving is a horrible process. We all know that. However, the drive through Wyoming (4 times back and forth) was nothing short of magnificent. I’ve seen some gorgeous Colorado mountains, but they can’t compare to the heavenly skyscraping ranges of Boysen State Park.

Obviously, I haven’t posted an Eternal Gratitude or fundraiser this month. I will have the fundraiser up shortly, but I can’t promise the same for Eternal Gratitude. Just like last month, these life changes have kept me from writing as consistently as I’d like to.

On the bright side, I’m beginning to feel at home in Wyoming. The town is so unique compared to anywhere else I’ve ever lived. It’s smaller than any small town I could’ve imagined (before driving through this state and not being able to find fast food for a good three hours).

But its so….quiet. It’s like I’ve found a town that is the antithesis of chaos. I feel like I’ve written more in the last few hours then I did in the entire month of July. Maybe this is exactly where I need to be in order to develop my writing career.

I have been working on something extensive this past week. It is narrative essay about my experience in the workforce written originally for a writing contest on Medium (starring celebrity judge, Roxane Gay…aka my favorite writer and teacher!!!), but unfortunately the deadline was yesterday.

I did submit something in time, but it was not finished. I technically made the deadline, but in my mind, I didn’t really meet the deadline. Because it’s not exactly what I wanted to put out into the world. I’m still working on it and intend on posting it here as soon as I’ve finished.

The picture at the top of this post is the view from our new living room. I’m so happy to officially be living with my amazing boyfriend. We’re going to grow and learn so much about each other, which is a beautiful thing. This is a humongous step for both of us, as we’ve both not been in a serious relationship for a long time. I’m glad we decided to put our trust in each other and lean into the uncertainty of our surroundings, because there isn’t anyone else in the world I’d rather experience these changes with.

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