Day Dream Carried Away

A fresh page in a new journal,
I want to fill in the blanks with the thoughts you inspire.
A best friend, 
A romance, 
A release.

I'll look at you and feel sunshine golden warmth
and hellfire red sins.

You ask for my words so I don’t have to wonder if you want them each day.
You're thrilled to tell me
and tell me and tell me.
Because I'm always on your mind. 
And your mouth,
because you say I taste like sweet cream.

I don't ever doubt if my presence is a blessing to you.
You anticipate our conversations
no matter how much I ramble on,
because you say I sound like music.

You tell me that I drive you crazier than you’ve ever been
while I hide how smitten I am, 
because it's even crazier.
I can only try to show you how crazy.
You'll appreciate it more and more each night...

In daylight, I'll feel your cool lack of jealousy
and our indescribable sense of security.
I'll notice your protective instincts 
as you put your arm around my waist.

I want to know acceptance when I'm weak and vulnerable, 
because I hate to show it.
You call my bluff when I act strong and stubborn,
as if I don't need your hugs.

You know me.
Nobody ever has.

You understand I can do everything on my own,
my way, it will all get done somehow, someday. 
I'm capable, you're aware,
but you also know that I don't want to leave your side.

You're the same.

I hear it even in our silences
as I feel the heat in my chest when our shoulders brush.
Intoxicated by your unique scent,
it's a blessing to witness your devilish grin as you realize that
I want to savor you with my tongue. 
And your savage grip tightens to pull me in as near as possible,
as if we're ever far.

I want to be close to you always.

Giggling and squeals. 
Breakfast in bed.
It makes us late for work and we don’t mind,
we don't stress.
It's so easy.

We'll go on adventures to the grocery store.
And we will ardently grab each others hands
as if it’s the first time and we don’t do it everywhere we go.
We frolic in puddles during a rainstorm,
then warm up over coffee and conversation after midnight.
We stay up late without realizing time has passed.

Our arguments are sarcastic and silly,
and end in greater understanding of each other.
Sweet evening walks through the park
turned into a surrender to our carnal desires. 
I want to take turns reading books to each other.
I want to feel your fingers caress me at the bookstore 

I will star in your daydreams and interrupt your thoughts as you try to sleep.
Write down these dirty dreams of yours so I can make them real for you.
I don't just want to cross your mind, I want to live in it.
I won't settle until I mystify you. 

A little hypnosis..
and then I'll pull you back to reality and support your aspirations. 
But was it you who hypnotized me first?
Let's discuss.

I want you to take me because you need me to be yours
I want to be your prized possession, your muse, your queen.

There is a final page in every story book
where it seems the characters are the happiest they’ve ever been
and the reader wonders "what about the rest of their story?"
With our story, there is no end...

We’re always the happiest.
Because were always together.
Even when we fight,
and when we’re apart,
we’re together. 
A team.

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