Dear Loyalist by Amanda Roswick

You believe him.
Why wouldn’t you - when he serves you the whole world on a silver platter?
But be warned -
Your euphoria is an illusion
It will soon be your head he serves on that silver platter
And when that happens,
Those that once bore the weight of his world will still be there to put your head back on your shoulders

And you will do the same for his next Atlas.
But the scars will never be fully healed

And you will be forever tormented by your addiction to his weight at the base of your skull

That euphoric pain that draws you back every time.

But pain is pain.

It cannot hide itself forever

It will become too much to bear and you will break under his pressure

And you will forever wonder what life was like when there was color

Because when he saturated your world, he used up everything you had left.

I love to share my platform! I’m currently seeking artists, writers, musicians, business owners, creatives etc. to feature on Eternal Metamorphosis. If you are a survivor or member of a marginalized community and you’d like to submit your art to be featured, contact me!

❤️ Thank you ❤️



2 thoughts on “Dear Loyalist by Amanda Roswick”

    1. Thank you for reading, Eric. These are definitely painful truths. I admire her courage to deliver these darker messages through raw emotion.


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