It Means Equality

Listen to women.  Believe women. It doesn't mean blindly it means a man's words are equal to  a woman's words. It means  consider  her health her wellbeing as much as you  consider  his reputation his hard work. Consider  her strength her struggle to stand  her shaken speech her "I can do this "  "My voice… Continue reading It Means Equality


A Survivor’s Thoughts On Reporting An Assault By Ariel

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”Paul Holes Paul Holes used this phrase in his podcast today stating this is commonly said between crime investigators. Like I’ve said time and time again, especially in cases of sexual assault, it tends to come down to a he-said-she-said, which in turn leaves many cases unreported. Often… Continue reading A Survivor’s Thoughts On Reporting An Assault By Ariel

Remember, Not Everyone Can Reveal Their Pride

TW: LGBTQIA+ Suicide, Homophobia June is my favorite month of the summer season because almost every day, my social media feed is filled with a colorful collage of pictures and inspirational sentiments from the many out and proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community. While it would be ideal if all of the members of this… Continue reading Remember, Not Everyone Can Reveal Their Pride

Performative Activism is Everywhere

It is important for us to recognize that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. But, in 2021, is "awareness" really something we need more of? The awareness we needed came after the early to mid 2010s when women’s empowerment started trending in pop culture and slowly grew. We saw female artists and actresses considering feminism… Continue reading Performative Activism is Everywhere

A Survivor’s Thoughts on Pursuing Justice

TW: Rape, sexual violence, abuse, sexism I know the right thing to do is to pursue justice. But all my life, what I've known to be true is that moving on requires a lot of space, time and personal growth. Pursuing justice will stunt this. Pursuing justice will take up all the space in my… Continue reading A Survivor’s Thoughts on Pursuing Justice