November Update: An Adventurous Anniversary

On the morning of our anniversary, Eric and I were awoken by the blood-curdling squeal of a poor little mouse. Why was he squealing? Because our maintenance man placed glue traps in our home which are the most horrific contraptions I’ve ever heard of. Seriously I can’t believe these things are legal!! I started to weep openly because I felt like the worst person ever for allowing this.

Anyways, Eric literally saved the mouse by pouring olive oil on him so he could wiggle free from the glue (a true hero)! Eventually, the little guy jumped up and raced outside, nearly giving Eric a heart attack…so it was an eventful morning to say the least.

In order for us to go to dinner someplace nice (Olive Garden), we have to drive for almost two hours to get to the city of Billings, Montana.

These are the reasons we took a laying down photo for our anniversary. We collapsed as soon as we returned home, and we definitely didn’t look as polished as we did for dinner. But I wanted to capture this moment.

Although our day was a bit chaotic, I had the best time with Eric. This wasn’t at all surprising, because we always have the best times together despite our circumstances. We have many many stories like this one, and I’m so grateful for them all. This has been a year I will never forget.


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