Isabel Needs An Abortion

Isabel Pummill of Hillsboro, OH is a survivor of intimate partner violence. In May, she found out that she was pregnant and that her abusive ex-boyfriend was the father. He is thankfully no longer in the picture, but this leaves Isabel with little to no support. She is without siblings or friends, and at the moment, her parents are not speaking to her.

They had recently kicked her out, but have been paying her monthly rent. She misses them dearly, but feels she is unable to patch up their conflict. She is ashamed that they will not accept her.

Isabel has unfortunately been out of work because she doesn’t have a car or reliable transportation. As she struggles enough to support herself, she is clearly not in a position to support a child. She is in need of an abortion, as well as financial aid in order to save up for a car and other necessities.

This is a woman who is in need of financial support as well as emotional and medical care. Since creating this fundraiser with a goal of $1000 in June, she has received zero donations.

Please donate anything you can to Isabel. Any amount would be appreciated. If unable to donate, please share her link on social media. You can read more about her story at the link below.


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