What Do Your Dreams Tell You?

I close my eyes
and drift away
to a safe place.
a secure space where
flowers and flourishes while 
Shame, insecurity, and performance
are thin on the ground.

I am beautiful.
Natural and naked,
I skip in the grass
and I sore through the clouds
and I soak up the sunshine.

I don't worry
about my appearance.
my sparkling reflection
In the crystal brook
an internal vision
of the divine feminine.

the rush of the rapids
surround my spirit
and show me
I am helpful,
I am fulfilled,
I am joy
and purpose.

I extend my joy
to the world around me
and it spreads like wildfire.

I witness
endless sunshine smiles
from the people I love
as they 
deliver glowing beams 
to their neighbors.

There is creative energy flowing
out of me
like a deep indigo river
that branches into sapphire streams
into the souls of fellow curious humans.

I write what inspires
and informs
and pours 
straight from my heart
to yours.

I am challenging
and shifting
and molding 
and provoking

I am proud of my contributions.
I don't doubt, 
I know
and I don't feel guilty for knowing.

I freely express my musings
without fear,
with a sound, calm
that doesn't throb in my skull.

I design my life
by going with
the ebb
and the flow
on a path
paved by me.
and dicey.

Strolling along
with the loves of my life.
Warm heart
in gentle hand 
fall from the sky
and our souls

Soaking in wide-eyed passion 
as lightning strikes
sunshine smiles
and we pass along the beams
with every skip of a step.

The twinkle 
of a polished and pure
that lays across my path
catches my eye
a moment too late. 
I stumble and stutter in shock.

I open my eyes
to the rising sun
of reality
and warmth of gentle affection
only a pillow away.

And I'm anything but disappointed.
I'm hopeful
and trusting 
my dreams
are here
and within reach.

There is work,
and a bit of walking,
to do 
before I can fully grasp
what I'm meant to possess. 

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