Help With Rent! Victim of Sexual Assault by Sean Michael Leydig

Sean Michael Leydig was sexually assaulted in October of 2020. He decided to press charges on his perpetrator, who, at the time, was the Vice President of the Tennessee Valley Pride organization. Instead of owning up to his crime, the perpetrator proceeded to use his platform to lie and encourage violence against Sean.

This led to a barrage of harassment and assault from other members of Sean’s LGBTQIA+ community. He was attacked several times, resulting in serious physical injuries that required multiple surgeries and an entire year off from work.

Sean is currently waiting for the date to be set for a Jury Trial concerning the initial attack. He lacks a strong support system and has had to advocate for himself through all of this. He has since returned to work, but he’s understandably struggling to function.

Sean is in need of financial assistance. He hopes to raise enough funds so he can focus on healing without having to worry about losing his apartment. The fundraiser he set up asks for at least $700 to cover rent or he risks eviction.

Click the button below to read the rest of Sean’s story and donate to his GoFundMe. Any amount would be appreciated, and if you’re unable to donate, please share his link with your community.


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