Help A R*pe Victim Fight Back By Emily Mthembu

Emily Mthembu is originally from Pretoria South Africa but has been living with her grandparents in Clifton, New Jersey for most of her life. After her father died in an accident when she was an infant, she lived with her mother for 8 years. For unspecified reasons, she was unable to stay in this environment,  so her grandparents took her in.

Two years after she first moved in, her grandfather passed away. She then lost her grandmother to cancer in 2020. By that time, her mother and siblings had moved back to South Africa, so she was unable to reunite with them. 

Since the death of her grandmother, she’s been staying with her aunt in Paterson, New Jersey in order to continue her education. Unfortunately, this new environment was completely unhealthy. Shortly after she moved in, her Uncle began to physically violate her.

Due to the fact that she has no options, her perpetrator is threatening to throw her out on the street if she speaks up about his inappropriate behavior. Emily’s Aunt refuses to help her and instead has blamed her for this disgusting man’s actions. This is a devastating example of slut shaming and victim-blaming.

Emily created this fundraiser with a goal of $6000 in order to move to New York, continue her education and get the mental health and physical treatment she needs. You can read the rest of her story and donate below. If you are unable to give financial aid, please consider sharing her gofundme link on social media. 


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